Life at The Ranch

Yesterday a fellow photographer friend of mine and I went on a fun little photo outing. I took her to one of my all time favorite places, my friend Ricky’s ranch.  There is something about being there that really speaks to my soul.  Originally, the plan was to get inspired by the beautiful scenery and snap a couple of pictures I’ve been promising Ricky for quite some time. I think its safe to say we all enjoyed the day riding around in the country and taking pictures. It wasn’t until I got home and started editing that I realized I had much more than beautiful scenery, I’d captured a whole day of life at the ranch. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them. IMG_2156IMG_2205IMG_2245-001IMG_2289RIcky and photo safariIMG_2415RIcky and photo safari2IMG_2508-001IMG_2528IMG_2372IMG_2362IMG_2367IMG_2381IMG_2494

RIcky and photo safari1IMG_2556

At the end of the day we sat at the picnic table under a shade tree in the garden and shared a few stories and laughs. Ricky, thank you for spending the day with us and as always, for sharing the Ranch.

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2 Responses to Life at The Ranch

  1. laurachile says:

    Terra these are incredible!!! I love your vision.

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