The Johnson Family

I can officially say I have been taking pictures for the Johnson’s for years now.  They are such a fun laid back family.  Wendy is so kind and patient while Chris can be relied on to be the goofy one getting everybody laughing.  This year we tried for something a little different and the session was more of a whole experience. We went out to a little country farm and drove around acreage on an ATV stopping at pretty spots to snap some pictures. We always have fun in our sessions, but this year the kids told me “this was the best day” as they were getting in the car to head home. I have to agree, it was a great day! Thank you Johnson Family for keeping in touch.  Merry Christmas you guys! IMG_7350






Johnson Christmas 20151


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Christmas Cards and bonus baby session!

I’m not sure you’ve been following along, but I’ve been privileged to take Austin’s portraits starting with newborn, leading to this session. However, this session did not go as planned. Were hoping to take family photos at Michelle’s parents home on the water. Overnight it turned cold, wet, and windy.  We opted for the park instead then headed back to their house to finish up. I am grateful this easygoing family was willing to adapt and work with me. Merry Christmas you guys!







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The Pyle’s Christmas Session

I can count on Megan to call me at least once a year for family photos and I can’t complain. She is always excited to have them done and I love any excuse to see “baby” Colton (can I still call him that?) We always have fun planning the sessions and they’re sure to bring some laughs. Colton is such a ham he makes picture taking easy! Here you guy Pyle family…IMG_6385


(Disclosure: these tracks are old and no longer in use.)




Megan is always up for an adventure so, before packing up we headed to a nursery/Christmas tree lot. We chased Colton up and down rows of trees and played peek-a-boo between them, but he thought the wagon was the best part!




Merry Christmas Pyle Family!

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Baby Cade

Just a couple short weeks ago I was so excited to welcome baby Cade into the world. Babies change so much, so fast, I couldn’t wait to see him again.  He is a sweet little man who sleeps through everything and loves to be cuddled (as you can imagine, I hated that!) Big sis was not overly excited to share Mommy and Daddy’s attention or have her picture taken, but I had fun this session with my sweet friends and their growing family.






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Julia and Manny

A few years ago I took photos to celebrate the retirement of Julia’s dad from a long career in law enforcement.  Recently, Julia herself was the one to contact me requesting a session. This time, to surprise her mom and dad with photos for Christmas.  Julia and her boyfriend Manny also just bought a house and wanted photos showing their love to decorate the walls. Julia had one extra request…that her 8 month old puppy, Kylee, be a part of the pictures as well.  I think this family session came together perfectly. Thank you guys for sharing the evening with me, it was truly a pleasure!









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Welcome Cade

I am so excited to welcome Chris and Cindy’s second baby, Cade.  This little man came into the world so quickly we were all shocked.  I couldn’t wait to get to the hospital and get my hands on him. I know I’ve said it before but, I always forget how very small brand new baby’s are.  Cade is so sweet and content as could be just being warm and snuggled. His parents were beaming with pride and I know big sis’ was excited to meet him.  I am so happy for you guys and can’t wait to watch him grow.



Seriously, look how tiny those feet are

IMG_5178 IMG_5071IMG_5171edits

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Austin’s 3 month milestone

You may remember me introducing you to baby Austin this past June with his newborn session. I was so glad when Michelle called me back and wanted to set up his 3 month pictures as well. It hasn’t been all that long since my babies were little but I forget how fast they grow. I was shocked how big Austin had gotten and how much he’d changed since his newborn session. He was a fantastic sport and a very sweet baby.  From the moment I walked in the door he was all smiles.  And how about that hat!?

black and white1

black and white

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Baby Austin’s Newborn Session

Several weeks ago I got a call from Michelle regarding an upcoming newborn session.  I LOVE newborns and its been a while since I had a newborn session so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a sweet new baby. Baby Austin did not disappoint, he was quiet, calm and snugly. Even his big sister happy to pose with her brother and I got to witness a couple of moments between the two that were pure and total love, it was very cute. Michelle, thanks for sharing you precious children with me.

copyright1 copyright2 copyright3 copyrright4austin newbron

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Samantha’s Family Session

I’ve known Samantha for several years now. As a matter of fact, when I was just starting in photography Samantha let her little Parker man be a model for some baby portraits.  I was excited when Samantha contacted me a couple weeks ago to do a real family session. It’s been four years since our lest session and Parker has grown so much that he now had his own ideas about what was going to take place.  We had a fun morning chasing that guy around the park and got some cute shots of this family’s big personality. Samantha I hope you enjoy them…

copyright3copyright1 copyright4copyright2 img_2956samantha

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James’ Senior Portraits

I met James’ family a year ago when I coached his youngest sister’s cheer squad. Although I still run into them often, I had only met James once in passing. So, I was a little nervous when his mom asked me to do his Sr. Portraits.  I didn’t know much about him or his hobbies and extra curricular activities. As it turned out I had nothing to fear, James is a laid back cross country runner with his own sense of style. Even a little rain and a lot of humidity didn’t phase him, he just went right a long with it.  In the end we had a really relaxed session it was just perfect for an early  Sunday morning. James, I wish you the best and hope you enjoy the remainder of your Senior year.



img_2443 trademark6 trademark5

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