Life at The Ranch

Yesterday a fellow photographer friend of mine and I went on a fun little photo outing. I took her to one of my all time favorite places, my friend Ricky’s ranch.  There is something about being there that really speaks to my soul.  Originally, the plan was to get inspired by the beautiful scenery and snap a couple of pictures I’ve been promising Ricky for quite some time. I think its safe to say we all enjoyed the day riding around in the country and taking pictures. It wasn’t until I got home and started editing that I realized I had much more than beautiful scenery, I’d captured a whole day of life at the ranch. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them. IMG_2156IMG_2205IMG_2245-001IMG_2289RIcky and photo safariIMG_2415RIcky and photo safari2IMG_2508-001IMG_2528IMG_2372IMG_2362IMG_2367IMG_2381IMG_2494

RIcky and photo safari1IMG_2556

At the end of the day we sat at the picnic table under a shade tree in the garden and shared a few stories and laughs. Ricky, thank you for spending the day with us and as always, for sharing the Ranch.

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Shannon’s Senior Session

I can’t believe today is already back to school for the 2016-2017 year.  What better way to kick off the first day of school than with a senior session!

Meet Shannon…she is a senior in College Station and has an exciting year ahead of her! Shannon already has a scholarship to play soccer for Concordia University in Austin next year and is eager to embark on her final year of high school. In addition to her dedication to soccer, Shannon likes being with her friends. They can often be found shopping or hanging out at quirky local coffee shop – where we made a stop to snap a few pictures (and grab a treat) but, that was only part of our adventure. Shannon I had so much fun spending the day with you,  I hope you enjoy the pictures and your Senior Year…

coffee shop.jpg


For our last stop Shannon took me to the famous Bottle Cap Alley!IMG_2103

IMG_1709shannonn senior2IMG_1619

In addition to Shannon’s other interests and commitments she was asked by a dress shop in Houston to be an ambassador for them.  There’s no question why, isn’t she just beautiful…IMG_1844-001


Best Wishes Shannon, I know you’ll have a great year!

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Austin Turns 1

It has been so fun watching Austin grow this first year.  You may recall I got to meet Austin just a few days old for his sweet newborn session, then again around 3 months, and 6 months. He has been such a fun little model always happy and willing to flash the best smiles. Although, he was unsure about the cake, his first birthday session was not any different. He laughed and made faces the whole session.

Look how cute he is with his little birthday bow tie and big blue eyes!





Off into the sunset…


Michelle, I hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as I’ve enjoyed capturing them. Thank you for sharing Austin’s first year with me. I look forward to watching your family continue to grow.

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The Johnson Family

I can officially say I have been taking pictures for the Johnson’s for years now.  They are such a fun laid back family.  Wendy is so kind and patient while Chris can be relied on to be the goofy one getting everybody laughing.  This year we tried for something a little different and the session was more of a whole experience. We went out to a little country farm and drove around acreage on an ATV stopping at pretty spots to snap some pictures. We always have fun in our sessions, but this year the kids told me “this was the best day” as they were getting in the car to head home. I have to agree, it was a great day! Thank you Johnson Family for keeping in touch.  Merry Christmas you guys! IMG_7350






Johnson Christmas 20151


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Christmas Cards and bonus baby session!

I’m not sure you’ve been following along, but I’ve been privileged to take Austin’s portraits starting with newborn, leading to this session. However, this session did not go as planned. Were hoping to take family photos at Michelle’s parents home on the water. Overnight it turned cold, wet, and windy.  We opted for the park instead then headed back to their house to finish up. I am grateful this easygoing family was willing to adapt and work with me. Merry Christmas you guys!







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The Pyle’s Christmas Session

I can count on Megan to call me at least once a year for family photos and I can’t complain. She is always excited to have them done and I love any excuse to see “baby” Colton (can I still call him that?) We always have fun planning the sessions and they’re sure to bring some laughs. Colton is such a ham he makes picture taking easy! Here you guy Pyle family…IMG_6385


(Disclosure: these tracks are old and no longer in use.)




Megan is always up for an adventure so, before packing up we headed to a nursery/Christmas tree lot. We chased Colton up and down rows of trees and played peek-a-boo between them, but he thought the wagon was the best part!




Merry Christmas Pyle Family!

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Baby Cade

Just a couple short weeks ago I was so excited to welcome baby Cade into the world. Babies change so much, so fast, I couldn’t wait to see him again.  He is a sweet little man who sleeps through everything and loves to be cuddled (as you can imagine, I hated that!) Big sis was not overly excited to share Mommy and Daddy’s attention or have her picture taken, but I had fun this session with my sweet friends and their growing family.






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